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Ha ha

Posted on: 21/12/2010

It is a long time since I have posted something on my blog. It is not because I didn’t have much to say.. It’s rather that I didn’t know how to tell my story or things I’m doing. My new shop is open but I haven’t that much things yet, but I’m working on that! Right now I did 3 different necklaces and 6 different pairs of earrings. I’m not 100% confident with them but I try to do my best and make them as much beautiful as they can be! They’re style is quite simple. Yes, I experiment with a lot of different styles.. How to make my items more unique or more beautiful. But it is not that easy! Therefore they are simple but sophisticated! I’m making a break with my fimo. I did so much with it in the last weeks, so I decided to do something new! Different necklaces, earrings etc! I will post pictures of them soon! I wonder how it would be if I hadn’t that time and money to do these things. Right now I’m living with my parents and I don’t have to pay for the rent.. But how can I go to work to have enough time to work on my shop and my dreams? I want to be successful with my things I’m doing but it is really heard. My mother pushes me every day to write applications blabla.. She doesn’t take my work seriously. I really want to try and to learn. I don’t want to wait years. How other people handle this situation? I’ve finished school and I’ve studied nothing. I haven’t got a profession or enough money to pay a rent; therefore I have to live with my parents. It is really pathetic. But I need time. I need a plan to get my business to get going and don’t ruin my future. But people shouldn’t live too much in the future… Mweh. Stupid time and reality.


Knema wtf…

Posted on: 03/12/2010

Was ich schon lange loswerden wollte:
Als ich vor längerer Zeit mehr mit fimo zu basteln angefangen hab, hab ich knema entdeckt. Es lag unscheinbar auf einem Regal im Nanu Nana, das ich fast übersehen hätte. Es war viel billiger als fimo und ich dachte mir, wieso nicht mal ausprobieren.. stellte sich heraus, dass knema totaler Mist war:
– es hat gestunken
– es ließ sich schlecht kneten -> Masse zerriss sehr leicht
– wurde zu weich und klebrig durch die Wärme
– der Ofen riecht immernoch nach der Knetmasse…

Also totaler Mist und das Geld nicht wert!

Kauft lieber richtiges fimo. Damit könnt ihr nichts falsch machen!

New Shop!

Posted on: 30/11/2010

YEAH! I did it!
I’m finally finished with my new collection for my new shop! Due to my cold I couldn’t do anything so I’ve tried to hurry up and I DID IT!!

Please visit my new shop!

Okay, I’m not REALLY finished, yet, but… I have some other things I will upload soon. I have to write descriptions and take some good photos…. (It took me houres to have good pictures in the end T_T So hard to take really close ones..)

This is my result for today:

It was so much work! BUT I DID IT!

Never Stop

Posted on: 28/11/2010

Making jewellery is not that easy as I thought… I’m working on some items I want to share with the world soon and (WTF, what is FIMO doing in my tea….. =.=) my prototypes look better than the items I want to sell =( I wanted to make 2 items of the same kind and it took me forever… however the first attempt was better and faster… But I did it! Tomorrow I have to finish my items, take pictures and upload them! I hope you like them!
Unfortunately I became ill and it took me a week to recover.. So I don’t want to waste more time!

Tomorrow baking baking baking!

See you soon!

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Fimo ftw!

Posted on: 15/09/2010

Is polymer clay the same as fimo? I don’t know.. It’s so cool that it gets harder after baking! A great replacement for salt dough… And it’s more fun…
This is my first attempt. It took me 4 hours… Since it is soft fimo it’s very easy to deform the whole thing. Had to be very carefully.

I decided to make a fimo pumpkin and added a little bell and a bead, trying to keep it simple. Should I add a face or something? Maybe it’s cuter then.

But THOSE are definitely fail XDD

I want to create a lot of other things in the future but I’m so busy right now =_=

She is so pretty and she sings so beautifully T_T

Doodle #2

Posted on: 06/06/2010

Inspired by the movie Totoro and this inspiring blog (I hope it’s okay that I posted your blog on my blog ;_; ) I wanted to draw Totoro as well! And here is my first attempt T_T

Reference used here:

So cute!


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