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Today is such a beautiful day! I was so inspired to do something creative besides my crafting for my etsy shop. Therefore I took everything pretty I could find in my room to make beautiful photos! Those are not the best but I’m happy how they turned out!

Guess what this beautiful cabochons are waiting for!

As you can see I’ve used pink, green and white colours to create a pretty composition. It was very interesting to experiment how certain things can easily change the whole image!

Yummi yummi I got love in my tummy! ♪

Even though I was struggling with the lighting it was fun!

Get inspired by the beautiful weather and have a great day!



Today I want to make a review about my favourit mask: the Schaeben’s strawberry mask. I only want to make a short review on this product because the emphasis of this blog is not on the whole beauty stuff. But this time I wanted to share my experience with you and maybe it is a little bit helpful to you!

Okay, what is special about this product? It is an exfoliating scrub and a mask with strawberry and kiwi extract for all skin types!
This mask not only removes dead skin cells, cleans your pores and prevents your skin from breaking out and blackheads but also supports the renewal of skin cells.

So, apply the mask onto your freshly cleansed face in circular motions but avoid the skin around the eyes, mouth and lips. All the dirt and impurities of your skin will be now gently removed! The AHA fruit acids remove all dead skin cells and the fruit extracts regenerate and refine the skin’s appearance.
Now wait 10-15 min and then rins off the whole mask with warm water from your skin! Your skin is now free from dirt and impurities! It is deeply cleansed and appears refreshed.

The package has 2 x 6 ml for 2 applications so you can use this mask twice a week!

This mask is really really really good! It not only smells good but also helps the skin to feel like reborn. If you want to apply make-up your skin has to be clean and smooth. And this mask helps you a lot! Your skin does not get oily. Your skin is perfectly prepared and looks beautiful, bright and healthy!

I don’t really know if you can buy this mask in other countries than Germany but if you live in Germany, you can buy this masks everywhere for about 80-90 cent. It’s cheap and really good!

I hope you enjoyed my review. You can leave me a comment, if you want me to add something! Feel free!


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